A stage is a level within a challenge. In order to clear a challenge, players must clear all the stages.

It is important to make a clear distinction between 'challenge' and 'stage', as they are two different terms used.

Stage Sign

Stage Sign

The 8th stage of Challenge 19, with a stage level of 6, and Stage 176.

Each stage consist of a sign which describes the stage.

Stage Level

Stage level represents the difficulty of the stages. It can be found on the third line of the sign on each stages, denoted by the symbol [Lvn], where n is a number. The higher the level, the harder the stage.

[Lv0] means that the stage does not require jumping.

Stage Number

Stages are assigned numbers in the order they are built. It is arranged in chronological order. It is denoted by <n>, where n is the stage number, or Stage n.

For example, <137> refers to Stage 137.

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